Welcome to my blog – a little intro

   Greetings to those who are here – or rather will be.  I am Karen, mom of 3 kids.  Cameron is my oldest and the hardest to deal with most days.  He is 12 and has ADHD/ODD and Type 1 Diabetes. He was diagnosed with Diabetes at age 5 around Halloween and it seemed like a death sentence so to speak then but since then I have learned so much and am ever so thankful for the info JDRF puts out.

Kiana is 3 and my middle Kiddo.  She is my little monkey; she has Autism and Sensory Processing Disorder.  She was almost non-verbal at age 2 and with a lot of work on both our parts she started to talk and put not just words together but sentences.  She is growing and learning so much – it really makes me proud of her.  She started a great Pre-K program and it has also done wonders for her, socially and just all around.  We still got a long road ahead of us but that is ok she’s worth every single road block and obstacle I face – she’s my little monkey!

Kalea is my youngest and a really “big” monkey.  She is the hyper go go go kid – from the moment she is out of bed until she goes to sleep again she is just on full blast.  Climbing things, running around and getting into everything.  She has Type 1 Diabetes, ADHD and an unknown seizures (not many but they happen and are non-epileptic).  She is 20 almost 21 months old and is in the process of diagnosis for possible Autism as well.  She’s Mommy’s girl all the way where as Kiana’s more Daddy’s girl.

We live in Canada (Calgary) and lead very busy lives between the kids needs and appointments and our own health and medical issues we are a busy bunch!  I hope you will stick around and learn more about our crazy bunch and get to know us and us you!

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