What is with the blog title – what does it have to do with being a mom?

  I guess by now you noticed my blog title – well for me Music has ALWAYS been my escape, it put into words the things I was feeling better than anything I could have come up with.  “Music are what feelings sound like” and it’s true.

I can’t sing very well – ok at all, I am not coordinated when it comes to instruments (I played recorder, clarinet and trumpet and despite popular smart ass belief I AM NOT so full of hot air after all).  I didn’t join the band in high school and I think they should be thankful lol but those that know me know I was usually found plugged into my tunes and off in my own little world.  I could lose myself in music where no one would bug me and life was ok for a bit.

I still love my music, anything from Jimmy Cliff and Bob Marley to Maroon 5 and even Celtic and Jazz.  It helps me relax and escape the stresses of being a mom to 3 kids with such high needs.  It gives me a place to just let the worries, stresses and anxiety of life melt away.  If I am working outside mowing the lawn or if the kids are napping I plug in and tune out for a bit.  Indeed Music is for life…and it helps make my life a little better…so that is where the name came from,  My Twitter Handle is Music4lyfe79 (feel free to follow me there if you want).

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