Our life with Diabetes

You know looking back I think we have managed ok with things here. My Mom took the training with me when it came to Cam and his Diabetes – my Dad even was on the up and up when it came to what he had to do…my son’s Daycare provider was to, his school (teacher/aide and the kids in his class)…I never really stressed about him in the hands of anyone else or even myself. We had some lows, we have had highs where he was in coma (his own undoing not mine) but one thing I learned is that ANYONE that is going to have your kid that has medical issues they NEED to do the training. You can go over it with them, highs, lows, what to do in each case, have a glucagon kit with you at all times and snacks/juice etc.

Diabetes DOES NOT have to rule your life or theirs. You cannot stress over every little thing because it doesn’t do them any good or you. You can’t live in a bubble – we have done without any real support other than the kids care team at Childrens. I have no family near me or anything. BUT don’t let it rule your life or theirs, in time resentment grows, anger, defiance and worst of all Diabetes burnout for everyone.

Let them eat, let them play, let them be kids – many pro athletes are Diabetic, people have climbed Everest with Diabetes, done triathlons – it doesn’t have to be yours or their whole life. It makes these things more tricky but living in fear of them having extra snacks or not playing enough to burn things off – a rough night – it happens. It is always going to happen from time to time. I have set an alarm so I check Kalea at 3am and when I get up at 7am…we were using Lantus which IMO is better there are NO peaks and valleys it runs consistent in the background and is MUCH MORE predictable so for us it was a wise choice. Now with her pump it is easier to turn it down or up depending on what she needs but as you saw from my photo last night – it CAN fail (it is being replaced) so again have a plan in place.

Your kiddo can still go to birthday’s, have cake, have ice cream, still do sleep overs at family members houses – the world DOES NOT have to stop because your kiddo has Diabetes. Don’t even think that it does…write out instructions and put them in a place like the fridge at the said relatives house, then go over things with them – give them a book on carbs (most packages have the carbs on there as it is) it might be a lot of work but even with a pump or an alert dog it can’t count carbs for you – it can’t give insulin for you – it can tell you if there is a low or a high but it can’t treat it. They have to be prepared.

Never ever let anything like Diabetes, Autism or anything like that stop you from letting your kiddo live a full and happy life. It’s a new life – it’s a different one, more challenge but don’t let it grip you in fear and live in a bubble…take that road trip to see family, go to that movie with the kiddo(s), go enjoy that ice cream cone on a hot Summer day, take that walk around the park, let them go to that sleep over with family…just have everything you need and let go of the fear and embrace things…say I got this I can do this. The more confidence you display the more they pick up on it and the less scared and worried they will be about it and it will make thing much better as time goes on – they will want to do a good job managing it and working with everyone to make it happen. If you live in constant fear you are only ensuring they are going to live in constant fear about it. Don’t panic when something is off – just take a deep breath and say ok I got this.

Remember to – Pasta’s and breads break down slower than refined sugars so you may need to give a correction bolus for Pizza’s and Pasta’s – but don’t fret it is better to split dose those things and give half at the beginning and half about an hour later. But remember if anyone needs to talk – I am here – I have actually had to save Kevin’s life twice – he was .08 barely on the meter – seizing and I was worried – BUT I rolled him to his side made sure his airway was clear and I was on the phone with 911 the entire time and I got through it…Cam has had some super highs and he was in coma for 24hrs (Mom here got sick so he stopped doing as he was told with his blood sugars) and it was scary as hell – I cried and I got over it and I was there with him and we spent a few days in the PICU but we have NOT been back since December 2012 over a year now! Even through all Kalea’s lows with being sick only ONE run to the ER – and we were doing everything right so we got to go…it’s hard – no one said it would be easy and if they did they are full of something that isn’t nice. But nothing rewarding ever comes easy! Just remember that – the greatest rewards and victories in life don’t come easy!pizap.com10.77162631694227461383768225155

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