Music soothes the soul

For me music is an escape.  Growing up the one thing I remember the most is listening to music anyway I could while writing.  Bet ya didn’t know I am a published author and poet did ya 🙂  I once got 3rd place in all of Canada for a poem I wrote I was in grade 12 and the put it over the PA system and it was the first time people actually stopped and were nice to me and said hey that’s awesome congrats.  I was never one to enjoy the spotlight to much but hey it did feel good to get recognition.

As a kid growing up there was this old desk that was my Grandmas (Dad’s side) that we inherited when she passed away.  I remember spending hours listening to my walkman (yes I am old and they were a new thing when I got one) I also remember having to flip the tape over to listen to the other side and rewinding them and fast forwarding through songs I didn’t like as much to get to the ones I did.  Indeed there I would sit writing poems, writing a book about my life and the struggles/triumphs.

Music was an escape for me from the world.  It was a tough situation growing up, I never quite fit in, I didn’t know how to fit in except with the kids that were all misfits to.  I was bullied that is no lie – I was a kid that was beat up, broken down and stepped on.  But no matter what I could always turn to music and forget my troubles for awhile.

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