Navigating the spectrum

It’s not easy having any sort of issues to deal with, medical, mental etc.  It is a big spectrum and there are A LOT of people along it and in the thick of it.  I don’t think there is a way that you can incorporate an entire spectrum into one group.  We don’t want to be all lumped together, not that I personally have any issues with anyone that is above or below anyone else on the spectrum.  We are all unique individuals and we all have different challenges/strengths etc.  Some of us share some of the same struggles and strengths but that is about where it stops.

It’s hard out here on the spectrum, striving for acceptance, awareness and support.  It’s even harder when parents of kids on the spectrum go after adults on it and attack them and berate them and then turn around and expect that they get total acceptance for their child and no one better treat their child that way.  Double standards seem to be the norm out here in the community – the do as I say not as I do mentality that people seem to have adopted.

I personally would rather not have to deal with the drama, people who cause it often make me really angry and I get really defensive because I get tired of people attacking each other.  As a community we should be striving for acceptance for ALL – not just kids.  Kids grow up to be adults and those adults need acceptance just as much as the kids to.  Try landing a job when people see Autism as a negative – not so easy.  Try navigating a world where as an adult on the spectrum people don’t think you need support or acceptance and you should have “out grown” all those issues you had as a kid.

Navigating a spectrum is like navigating an ocean – it’s big and vast and you can easily lose your way out here.  No one wants to be lost, or overwhelmed out here but it happens and it would be awesome if people were more supportive and accepting of each other.  Instead more often than not Adults on the spectrum find themselves in drama filled situations where they just feel really upset and like they have no support.

People forget that if we cannot get acceptance for all those on the spectrum within our community and others outside of it are witnessing it – how do they ever expect the general population to get on board with supporting us and our kids and the adults?  We first must learn to accept each other and then we can begin to make headway on the rest of society.  Change and acceptance start from within – and once we have that – we can branch out.

One thing to know is that those that are willing to learn and accept us are going to be the best allies but we cannot force people to accept and understand – those people will never change their point of view – it is best to work on those that are willing to learn and accept to help us become a bigger movement.  But drama and attacking others on the spectrum is never going to get us there…that has to stop.

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