People have lost their way out here – less double standards more advocating please

This being an Aspie stuff is hard. I never understood it as a kid (didn’t know I was until last year) but it explains my trusting nature and my being used and even abused by “friends”. It explains my anxiety and struggles with relationships and academics. I am so lost out here on the spectrum sometimes I don’t know what is left or right.

I thought being apart of this “community” with other ASD parents and others on the spectrum was awesome, people seemed genuine and pretty cool. I thought I had found a place where I “fit in” while standing out. But that doesn’t seem so, it seems way to many of us get in over our heads because we felt safe and ok within this community. But that isn’t the case.

If you are going to treat other people poorly because of some notion you made up in your head about them and that it is justified – you cannot call yourself an advocate or an activist for your child. I am sorry but that is total bs. A true advocate is not someone that thinks it is ok to treat one or two or ten people poorly because in your mind you feel justified and then turn around and claim you are out here for acceptance for all and equality. Others on the spectrum do NOT treat others like garbage and we are supposed to stick together.

I don’t want to belong in a community where there are more double standards than the government has, where it is ok to treat others like dirt on the bottom of a shoe because you think someone is being unfair or mean to you etc. We are ADULTS act like it and not like you are still in HS. Talk to the person you feel is in the wrong, work it out like an adult don’t air your unfounded accusations all over the internet without proof. Stop treating those of us that are on the spectrum like we don’t matter just the kids – we were once kids to and there was no one to speak up for us – so we are doing it now.

I am revoking myself from this community…I am tired of being treated like I don’t matter, like my story and my side to things is not worth anyone’s time. I feel sorry for the kids in those families – the whole do as I say not as I do mentality. You want your kids to be accepted – then you need to accept others, you want them to be treated fairly – then treat others fairly…you don’t want double standards then don’t practice double standards.

I am ashamed of being apart of something that has gotten so far off of advocating for the kids and others on the spectrum that it is more about whom has more likes, whom has more admin friends, whom can create the best Meme, whom is friends with whom. Folks far to many of you have gotten so far from the purpose of things that I can’t even see you anymore and until you see and realize that popularity, cliques, and the rest of the stupid BS is NOT what is important and that advocating and supporting each other and showing kindness, compassion and showing the world what an awesome bunch of people we are is important, than I am afraid I don’t want to be here.

You want the world to know how great we are as parents fighting for our kids, supporting each other and working together – but that just isn’t happening in so many ways…if one is not apart of the “cool group” one does not count. This has got to stop folks, otherwise the world is going to see a bunch of people that are really just fake and phoney. I for one do not want to be apart of that because my cause’s are just and they are important to me and I feel if I were to not be apart of the fakeness I would be better off.

Time to stop playing mind games, acting like we are in HS and to put aside differences and stop picking sides…we are supposed to be on the same side…but right now so many people are seeing a group of people that is more worried about being petty and making things up to gain more friends and make someone else look bad – honestly cut it out…act more mature and get back to what is important. Otherwise this community is going to fall apart and be divided – those that do care and want to fight and those that are to busy worried about popularity and other HS nonsense. I for one am better off advocating on my own or with a select few dedicated to the causes I hold near and dear to me than I am with the masses…what a sad conclusion to come to It hurts my heart to realize it but it’s time I stopped worrying about the masses and what they are doing and time to put my efforts into my causes and page and those that care about us and our plight. Let me know when the rest of you want to stop acting so ridiculous and actually do some good for all and not just those you deem worthy of your time. We are all worthy of a voice out here – don’t try to squash it – because I am not going away…not even if everyone unlikes this page – I will fight for myself and my kids until my very last breath…and teach them how to fight for themselves and what they need…NEGU.

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