Why is ok to treat adults on the spectrum badly but then get upset when someone does it to a child?

I have a very important question. People ask for others to be patient, understanding, and to not judge their child on the spectrum. Kids that are getting therapy, have support from their parents and IEP`s to help them through school. Parents that battle for them etc.

But what about those of us that have had none of the therapies, struggled through life not understanding why things were/are so hard. The frustration, hurt and the bullying always there. Then getting the diagnosis of ASD. Years later when it doesn’t do much to help other than now you know.

My question is this if you would not treat or want you’re child on the spectrum a certain way why would you treat an adult any different? We still struggle, we still need understanding and support…patience. We don’t need to be judged or bullied or any of that.

One day your kids will grow up and it is safe to say that if anyone mistreated them you as a parent would be there for them and you would be very vocal about how adults the spectrum need support, acceptance, understanding, patience and not be mistreated.

At least they will have had years of therapy most adults on the spectrum now have not so it’s a 100x harder for us err times. If you really are a true voice for equality and those with special needs then don’t treat anyone off any age badly that is struggling. Adults on the spectrum get treated a lot worse in society than anyone knows. We are expected to not struggle, not meltdown, not have any issues. We trust other adults and think it’s safe within our ever expanding Autism community. But that’s where we get left behind and forgotten about most.

Please treat us with kindness and compassion….understanding and acceptance…

Be kind to others…just because you can’t see their struggles doesn’t mean they are not there.

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