We need acceptance not just awareness….

I write this because it has been bothering me that people keep focusing on raising awareness for Autism.  Now although I don’t think the latest numbers are near accurate (survey 11 states and a few counties in them and call it done doesn’t sit well with me and I not even American) I gotta say if people are really going to be sticking their heads in the sand so much they shouldn’t be speaking to the masses.  Autism rates they claim are 1-68 – do you not think that people are more than aware Autism exists I mean one would have to live under a rock to not hear about it or see it around them.  But the biggest problem is acceptance of all those on the spectrum.

I have never been a “with the grain” kind of person it’s just who I am.  If there is something I feel strongly about I will stand up for it and speak out until I am heard..  I strongly believe that all these people saying “light it up Blue for Autism awareness” or “color the world for Autism awareness” etc are seriously off their mark.  Good or bad Autism Speaks has put Autism out there, celebs have done the same, as have the numbers and the news and all of us.  We need to shift to being out there away from the screen and raising acceptance so our kids can stop being tormented, so they can grow up being accepted and respected.  It’s really time to get people’s heads out of the sand and realize that it’s just time for all of us on the spectrum to be accepted.

As an adult I see how little other adults accept my own diagnosis never mind my kiddos.  They think it is like the plague or something and really at times I get treated pretty bad, even by other parents that have kids on the spectrum (boy are they going to be in for a rude awakening when their kid grows up if we don’t get more acceptance going).

Sure people mean well when they post all the acceptance things – but for one it’s FB there is A LOT of awareness and we are all sharing these awareness things on our pages – Autism pages – most of the people that like our pages are other Autism parents and people that are touched by Autism somehow – now not all of them are but most.  What we need to be doing is talking to our neighbors, community leaders, getting out there in the community and spreading acceptance and awareness.  Sitting behind our screens is all good and fine BUT if you TRULY want to make an impact go out there find others in your community and go for it – spread the acceptance and awareness.  Hand out information at a booth at local baseball/soccer game, wear a shirt that you make at home saying Ask Me About Autism! or do anything that people will notice around you.  Your kids live in the community so why not educate people and get some acceptance – might even meet some others that are also apart of the Autism team somehow and they might be happy to join you in spreading more acceptance around.  Even go to your kids school/class and educate them on what Autism is – find some age appropriate material and share it with other kids.  It starts with you…you are the only one that can start to make the change you want to see in the world and these are the first steps.Image


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