Muddling through the minefield – the spectrum of color

I am still mad at many things and this may upset people but we are all entitled to an opinion – but one other thing that grinds my gears is “light it up Blue” for Autism Awareness…for one I think people are more than aware of Autism – the problem is now getting people to accept Autism and people with Autism.

It’s not all rainbows and sunshine – it is hard sometimes, it can send you to places in your mind you wont like, and it can also enable so many things that are pretty neat to transpire. It’s not any one thing – it is different for everyone.

What I feel is more accurate is lighting it up like a spectrum – because it IS a spectrum diagnosis. We are all at different spots, have our own uniqueness we bring to the spectrum.

Anyhow that’s my beef – why just blue? Not every boy likes blue not everyone in general does – why is there just one color to represent a spectrum of people? Cancer has a different color ribbon for the different Cancers – why can’t we make a cool spectrum ribbon for Autism?  I have been irked by this for 3yrs now when I had my old page (My Journey Through Autism) which is deactivated but I still go look there now and then…it was the beginning of Kiana’s journey and since then so much more has transpired and she has made such progress.

Anyhow PICK A COLOR or colors that makes you happy and go with that it’s your spot in the spectrum light it up how you want – it can be Pink, Green, Orange, Red etc or pick 2 or 10 or whatever you want – it’s a spectrum lets celebrate it like one.

My philosophy is do what is right for you and your family. If you want to represent yourself on the spectrum by wearing your favorite color that is great because that’s being true to yourself and that is the point being different is cool.

Blue is also November for Diabetes awareness. That’s when we do Blue!


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