We are more than just a color or a puzzle piece we are a spectrum

I know that when people see the “light it up blue” and the “Autism puzzle piece” they think that is it – that is what Autism is about.  I am here to tell you that is NOT all that we are about or all that represents us.  We are more then the color blue – which is synonymous with Autism Speaks and frankly I wish they wouldn’t and would disappear, we are more than facts, figures, studies and puzzles pieces.

We are first and foremost PEOPLE – we are from all corners of the globe, from every kind of background – rich or poor it doesn’t matter, we are of all different backgrounds, we are young and old…we are in essence a spectrum.  There are bright times like bright colors, and dark times like darker colors – and everything and color in between.

We have so much more to show the world than a color and puzzle piece and a bunch of facts and figures.  We see the world in so many different ways…from the most intricate things to the way things sound and feel.  We often feel so much more – and are so full of awe and wonder.  We are smart, funny, hold down jobs, have families, go to school etc…we are a lot like everyone else but we come with a lot more complexities.
In the end we are more than what you read in the news.  We are complex and sometimes puzzling, sometimes the world is the same way to us.  But don’t just think you got us figured out from what you read and hear – best way to get to know more is talk to someone on the spectrum – and remember just because you talk to one person don’t just assume that is how we all are – after all it’s a spectrum for a reason.  Just accept us for who we are and what we represent – we are all made of the same things – we are all people…a little kindness and acceptance goes a long ways!autism_support