Education Is Key To Acceptace And Awareness

For me it’s hard to understand why people get so upset at others for not understanding their plight. My question to them is what have you done to help them understand? Perhaps that’s an opportunity to teach instead of judge or get upset. If we want people to know more about something we need to be willing to teach them.

Instead of “oh they have Autism that’s why” that doesn’t explain anything to a lot of people that sounds like an excuse. Maybe try explaining quickly that some sounds/textures/smells upset them and it is harder for them to process it unlike a lot of people so they get upset easier but other things that bother someone else likely will have no impact on them.

Because people keep using that line I have personally heard other parents using that and turn around and laugh and say to a friend that their kids aren’t really Autistic. That in turn makes it bad for those that are.

I have to do it a lot with Diabetes…explain why my kid is being loaded up on sugar and carbs for a low…people have read me the riot act more than once. I used to get so mad but now I try to educate them to help them understand better. People are quick to judge what they don’t understand.

We need more positive and less negative. Let’s do more educating and less just dismissing things…people can’t tell the difference unless you educate them. We can’t blame those that don’t know. In order to gain more acceptance we need to open the channels of communication to help people understand better.

Let’s start talking about things in a better light. Even the horrible dark side of things needs to be heard…everyone deserves their story to be told…