Bio: 36 year old mom of 3. I live in Calgary Alberta, Canada and am originally from Nanaimo B.C. I love Music, Reading, Playing with my kids, being outdoors and learning new things.

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  1. Hey there. My daughter is 11 and is an aspie who has recently started sharing her life with others. She’s also co-writing a book (with me) about how she was bullied in 4th grade. I’m a professional counselor that specialized in brain injuries and cognitive differences, so when my daughter came along, I was thankful for the few extra tools I had to handle it – that said, it’s a JOURNEY and I don’t know what I’m doing half the time! I came across your blog when someone shared it in a FB group, and I’ve signed up to follow you. I’d love it if you’d take a look at our blog site, http://www.aspiespot.com, and we’re also on FB, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest as Aspie Spot. My daughter could certainly use tips and support from adult aspies who have “been there.” There’s only so much I can do to understand! Looking forward to reading your posts!

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